who we are

Our purpose

TRU International’s purpose is to see the lives of street boys and girls transformed for the glory of God.

TRU International’s passion is to bring about transformation in the lives of street kids and the neighborhoods they reside in. John Kung’u, a former street and TRU team member, once expressed, “While you can remove a street kid from the streets, it’s only Jesus that can remove the street from the kid.”

TRU holds the belief that genuine and enduring transformation occurs when individuals have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why TRU provides gospel centered programs, addressing not only the physical and emotional requirements of street kids and community members, but also their spiritual needs.


Transform lives.


Restore hope.


unite communities.


TRU serves three main objectives. TRU’s first objective is to bring about Life Transformation. The process of transformation for street boys and girls centers around sharing the Gospel with them. Despite their struggles with drug addiction, they can be reached through Gospel-Centered discipleship. As their hearts undergo this transformative journey, they start to grasp a real connection with Jesus, embracing Him with love and sincerity.


TRU’s second objective is to help rebuild relationships. It’s crucial to restore relationships between individuals and God, their community, and family. They achieve this through practical programs like Gospel- centered discipleship, mentoring, and counseling which free young boys and girls from the dangers of drugs, violence, and life on the streets. This leads to a process of restoring a positive relationship with God, their family, and community. This transformational restoration also changes how they see their former oppressors, allowing them to move forward towards TRU’s third goal.


TRU’s third objective is to unite communities and churches. The young people who were once struggling on the streets start to understand the significance of God in a caring community. Discipling, trainings, and loving the community the way Christ loves is key to the process. Through transformative experiences, these kids learn to contribute positively and become leaders in places where they were previously marginalized. These newly acquired skills become a part of them, helping them reconnect with their own culture and prepare them to achieve the three main objectives, which is ultimately about reviving the spirit of the Kenyan people.


The first time we heard of a ministry planning to rescue the boys and girls from the streets around Nairobi, my wife and I were really touched and we wanted to witness such acts of generosity and kindness to the vulnerable youths in Kenya. Soon after, we were able to join TRU International team on one of their field visits to Githurai, where we witnessed the startup of the construction of the Drop-In Center, which TRU Int’l uses to offer basic physical and spiritual needs of life.

The climax of our visit that day was the walk through the Githurai community with the TRU team. It was painful to see the number of boys and girls who urgently need the rescue which TRU’s ministry is offering to them. Watching their lifestyle is heartbreaking, but these youths are always happy to see TRU team members come to visit them in their neighborhood and with a true heart of love.

Our recent visit to the Drop-In Center in Githurai was very rewarding, seeing all the planned facilities fully completed and operational right in the middle of the beneficiaries’ community. Surely God is using the TRU team members to make a difference in Kenya. “

Elijah and Mercedes, Limuru Kenya

God tells us in Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you…plans to proper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This is exactly what we witnessed with our TRU missionary teammates in and around Nairobi in late 2022.

We saw the hands and feet of God at work, and it was both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Lives are being transformed, hope is being restored, and a sense of a united community is in the midst. To see the smiles, hear the laughter, see the hope and feel a sense of purpose in the boys and girls at the drop in center, on the football field, in a classroom, or while sharing a meal was such a blessing to us. The trip was a complete success, because it changed us on the inside, opening our eyes to such life-changing efforts. It brought us a sense of renewal to use our talents to support the TRU mission going forward.

We are so excited to support the purchasing of the Employable Skills property that allows TRU to expand their rescue efforts while training and educating these street boys and girls. God is truly using the TRU team and we were blessed to experience it.

Mitch and Shelley, Concord North Carolina

I work as a Life Coach, Psychologist, and Author, focusing on preteens, teens, and women in Africa. My introduction to TRU International occurred in 2020 while I served as the Social Justice implementer at OneTribe Church. TRU, a project backed by the church, impressed me with its dedication to guiding and rehabilitating street children and families.

Frequent visits to the program in Githurai revealed the ongoing impact. During a conversation with Tyler, I emphasized that TRU isn’t just a job, but a profound passion. When asked to help launch the Street Girls ministry, I readily agreed.

Gathering with street women and girls at Githurai Youth Center, we worshipped and listened to their stories of how they ended up on the streets. Their eyes lit up with hope as they shared buried dreams. As I listened, gratitude welled up – TRU’s presence showed that God heard their cries.

More than a year has passed, the TRU Street girls’ journey, guided by Andra, has resulted in numerous inspiring tales of transformation. I encourage you to support this mission that transforms lives through God’s power.

Paps Wanyugi, Nairobi Kenya