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Transforming Lives through relationships

Restoring Hope through the gospel

Uniting communities through education


Volunteers are an invaluable asset to TRU. Regardless of whether you’re interested in instructing a class at the Githurai Drop-in Center, joining a soccer game, or contributing your time at an event, we offer resources to help you connect and get involved.

What we do

TRU International is a global entity dedicated to seeing lives transformed. TRU currently operates in seven locations around Nairobi. TRU operates on multiple levels on the streets including street outreach among homeless children and community development. Offering training, education, fostering connections, and loving people the way Jesus does.

We are TRU

TRU International is presently functioning in Nairobi, Kenya, comprising a diverse workforce consisting of Kenyan Nationals, Naturalized Kenyans, and Americans. God has brought each uniquely gifted team member together to serve the community on the streets of Nairobi. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves!

Street Outreach

Living on the streets is incredibly hard. Having someone to talk to, a healthy escape, and someone offering a way out our can make all the difference.  A vital part of TRU’s ministry is going to these boys and girls and meeting them where they are. TRU offers various programs to make these connections. Learn more      


Being quick to respond to medical problems is extremely important for street children because it can make all the difference during emergencies, possibly saving their lives. The TRU team administers basic first aid to these children and also takes care of the expenses for those who require medical attention at a healthcare facility. Learn more                

A Way Out

Living on the streets may give the illusion of independence and freedom, but TRU provides a genuine sense of hope and a promising future, which can only be found through Christ.TRU offers various opportunities, including drug rehabilitation, access to local schools for continued education, tutoring, vocational training, and profound spiritual guidance through discipleship. Learn more

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