Street Children

In Kenya, any child below the age of 18 is legally recognized as an individual. However, street children in this country find themselves without hope as they are deprived of the rights outlined in the “Declaration of Children’s Rights.” These rights include crucial aspects such as child survival, development, protection, and participation. Instead, these vulnerable children are prematurely thrust into adulthood, burdened with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for their younger siblings. Furthermore, they face a lack of education and limited or no access to recreational facilities appropriate for their age. The discrimination they endure and the negative labels they are given violate their rights and unfairly lead the public to perceive them as dangerous threats to society. Thus, they bear an unjust attribution of responsibility for the challenging lives they are forced to lead.

The environment in which street children struggle to survive poses numerous health hazards, leaving them without hope for a better future. Among these hazards, the most evident are the unsanitary conditions they are forced to live in. These conditions result in visible consequences such as skin rashes, coughs, open wounds, lice, and bed bugs. Additionally, these vulnerable children commonly experience physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, further deepening their sense of hopelessness. They suffer from a lack of love, protection, and constant insecurity, leaving them emotionally deprived. To make matters worse, the grip of severe poverty restricts their access to essential medical treatment. This unfortunate circumstance often leads to situations where curable diseases claim the lives of some street children, amplifying their despair while living on the streets.

Education for Street kids

At TRU International, we believe in the power of education to change lives. Our mission is to provide quality education for street youth, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Some kids choose to continue their education and pursue a diploma while others go into vocational training to acquire lifelong skills. Join us on this journey of learning and discover the limitless possibilities that education can unlock. Transform. Restore. Unite.

Changing lives through street ministry

TRU International extends its transformative reach through a variety of impactful programs. TRU partners with another organisation to offer small business training, this training empowers individuals with valuable skills and knowledge to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. TRU’s partnership with Alcoholics Anonymous aids those battling addiction on their path to recovery. These programs reflect our commitment to holistic community transformation. By joining TRU, you can actively contribute to these efforts and be part of Transforming Lives, Restoring Hope, and Uniting Communities.

About Us

Our Passion and Purpose

TRU International’s purpose is to see the lives of street boys and girls transformed for the glory of God.

TRU International’s passion is to bring about transformation in the lives of street kids and the neighborhoods they reside in. John Kung’u, a former street and TRU team member, once expressed, “While you can remove a street kid from the streets, it’s only Jesus that can remove the street from the kid.”

TRU holds the belief that genuine and enduring transformation occurs when individuals have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why TRU provides gospel centered programs, addressing not only the physical and emotional requirements of street kids and community members, but also their spiritual needs.