Path Forward

To be God’s catalyst to bring Transformation,  Restoration and Unity to street kids and impoverished communities all across Kenya.

TRU has established a drop-in facility where street boys and girls can gather to hear the Word of God, use bathing facilities, wash their clothes, and attend educational sessions aimed at transitioning them away from street life. This center also serves as a hub for TRU’s community engagement efforts, including initiatives like providing entrepreneurship training to single mothers, offering drug rehabilitation programs to bring positive change to the addicts in the area, and conducting discipleship classes for street kids and community members.

In March 2023, TRU initiated a fundraising initiative. The objective of this campaign is to acquire a property that will serve as a residence for street kids and a training center for developing employable skills. The fundraising campaign consists of multiple phases, with Phase 1 focusing on the purchase of the main property and an adjacent plot. The main property is fully equipped with eight existing structures, providing housing and temporary schooling facilities. This property will play a crucial role in rehabilitating, training, and completely transforming the lives of these young individuals. The adjacent plot of land will serve as the future site for the school, community center, and church.

TRU envisions establishing numerous drop-in centers across Kenya, with a specific goal of having three centers in and around Nairobi by 2028. These centers aim to provide support and assistance to street children and the wider community that TRU serves. Additionally, TRU plans to enter the second phase of its fundraising campaign and commence construction of a vocational training school, community center, and church by 2028.