Meet our Team

John Kung'u

John and Mercy Kung’u have celebrated a decade of marriage and are blessed with two beautiful daughters named Eliana and Kelli. John, who experienced a childhood on the streets of Nairobi, possesses unique skills and gifts to lead the TRU Street Team. In 2009, John initiated a weekly Ministry specifically aimed at ministering to street boys. Later, in 2016, John teamed with Tyler and Larry to establish TRU International. Throughout the years, John has remained dedicated to advancing the gospel and advocating for the welfare of street kids.


Tyler and Amy, along with their three children, arrived in Nairobi in 2011 with the purpose of working with street children. Taking on the role of Executive Director of TRU International, Tyler brings over 13 years of experience in assisting vulnerable children. He takes the lead in coordinating the ministry efforts of the TRU team, both on and off the streets. Amy, a teacher by trade established an art class provided by TRU to the street boys on a weekly basis. In addition, she is spearheading a tutoring initiative for street kids that is scheduled to commence in the Fall of 2023 (Stay tuned for more updates on that soon). Their three children, Emma, Maddie, and Caden, have grown up in Kenya, Emma and Maddie are in University in the US and Caden is in a local high school in Nairobi.


Larry Conway

Larry and his wife Hollye moved to Kenya in 1986 and both of their now adult sons were born in country. Initially, the Conways dedicated 12 years to the establishment of churches in western Kenya. Over time, they shifted their focus towards leadership training and reaching out to street children. Larry possesses over two decades of valuable expertise in working with these vulnerable youth. Hollye plays and instrumental part in member care for the TRU team.

Jim and Andra Howe

In 2021, Jim and Andra Howe arrived in Kenya, bringing with them over a decade of experience in cross-cultural missions. The Howes played a pivotal role in establishing the ministry to Street girls. Andra currently serves as the leader of the ministry to street girls and their children. Jim has the role of facilities manager for the 2 (soon to be 3) TRU locations. Within their family, Jim and Andra have a total of six children, with four of them now grown and residing in the United States. The two younger boys, Joseph and Jeremiah, are currently in Kenya, being homeschooled by Andra.

Joshua A. Alex

Joshua, is a native of Nairobi, With unwavering dedication, Joshua oversees the drop-in center, actively fostering and enhancing effective systems within TRU. Additionally, he contributes to our Community Engagement Team, with a deep passion for transforming the communities he serves.

taylor and Bonnie Clinch

Taylor, Bonnie, and their four children, Patrick, Nalia, Owen, and Abigail moved to Kenya in 2021 to join the TRU team. With more than a decade of experience in leading recovery programs, assisting the homeless, and managing supportive housing, Taylor offers a distinct skill set and perspective that aligns perfectly with TRU’s mission. Bonnie fulfills the massive role of homeschooling their four children while also coaching volleyball at the local missionary school.


Antony spent seven years as a street boy before joining the TRU program, where he became TRU’s first graduate. He completed his education in a trade school, specializing in plumbing and welding. After a period of independent ventures, Antony made the choice to return and collaborate with TRU. Presently, he serves as the football coach for TRU International.

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Francis is instrumental in assisting the TRU team in their efforts to rescue kids from the streets. With almost 15 years of firsthand experience living on the streets, Francis possesses a distinctive perspective crucial for showing love and providing ministerial care to these children.


Keya plays a crucial role in our TRU facility, where the boys reside, as well as in our Community Engagement Team. With over 15 years of expertise in assisting street boys, Keya brings a presence that is unwavering. Keya answered God’s calling at the age of 22 to become a pastor and serve His people. By working at TRU, Keya combines his devotion to serving Christ with his extensive experience in ministering to those living on the streets. Keya’s deep enthusiasm for spreading the gospel and his genuine care for people greatly contribute to TRU’s mission on the streets and within the community. Keya and his wife have 3 children


Monicah is TRU’s new social worker, she is also currently undergoing training to become a counseling psychologist. Monica brings over six years of experience working with street boys and street families in Nairobi. TRU had the opportunity to collaborate with her during her previous role, and we are excited to welcome her to the TRU team. We believe that her expertise, dedication, and commitment to community service will greatly benefit TRU’s Vision and Mission.