Street Outreach

TRU International is an organization that has taken on the difficult yet important task of helping street children in Kenya. TRU’s street outreach program is changing the lives of these children by offering them support in a number of ways. This includes activities like football and art classes, as well as daily street visits.

Football is a popular sport that provides recreational activities and teaches valuable life lessons. TRU International believes in this concept and has integrated football programs in their street outreach program. The program does not only provide fun and games for the children but also teaches them about teamwork, discipline, and communication skills. TRU has 3 football teams.

Art classes are another crucial aspect of the street outreach program as they offer children a creative outlet to express themselves and explore their talents. Art classes expose the children to various art forms like painting, and drawing, helping them build their confidence and showcase their unique abilities.

TRU’s team visits the streets daily to connect with the street children personally, building trust, and offering support. TRU  builds relationships through this approach, providing essential support and mentorship, and love that is so desperately needed.

TRU has just finished a Drop-In center in the heart of where the kids live. This facility provides a place for the youth to bathe, use a toilet, clean their clothes, hear the Word of God, eat a nutritious meal, and relax from the stresses of the street. The purpose of the center is to love street kids and the community the way Christ loves them and to create opportunities for life transformation.

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